404-474-2663 From Elementary through High School, Bridging Gap is dedicated to bringing out the best in your kid.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What to expect from BGAP tutoring services?
    • Programs taught in small group setting 3:1 in person; 1:1 online
    • Sessions crafted with proven techniques that encourage independence with homework, improved study skills, and stronger test taking strategies
    • Timely feedback from the teachers with suggestions that support and enhance student learning
  • Who are the teachers?

    Our teachers are all certified — with many having decades of educational experience.

  • What makes BGAP different from other tutoring centers?

    Our Process!

    • No other center creates lessons for each individual student based on their personal learning needs.
    • Our tutoring process targets gaps while nurturing a passion for learning.
    • At Bridging Gap, you get the kind of attention your student might need in school but is often unable to get.
  • What is the difference between our online and in-person classes?

    Our online programs are 1:1 while our in-person classes are typically around 3:1.

    We offer the same, great experience both online and in-person. Choose what works best for you!

  • Why are the classes offered only once a week per subject?
    • For most students coming once a week for a subject gives them the extra help, they need to understand a concept.
    • The sessions are created especially customized to your child’s needs.

    However, you can always add an extra session at an additional cost.

  • Why are our tutoring sessions expensive?
    • Our pricing is very competitive and low if you compare the quality of a session which is put together for your child.
    • Our monthly tuition includes customized learning plan for your child along with homework help, test prep help, progress monitoring, counselling at every step, materials and more with a certified teacher.
  • Any discounts offered?

    We are sorry to say we don’t offer any discounts. We believe that our service offers more value for your money. We are very proud of what we do. In BGAP, your child in not just a number.