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Test Preparation

Tests aren't something enjoyable. However, they are especially important in determining a number of important things in your child's academic career. Standardized tests are typically used in public school systems and exist to provide data on what a student does and does not know at the given time. These are tests like the Georgia Milestones and MAP Test. Higher-level tests, like the ACT or SAT, exist for the same reasoning but are used by colleges in their decision to accept or decline a student's admission into their university. Like them or not, tests are going to be there. The best way to excel on these tests is to prepare early by filling gaps and extending understanding.


At Bridging Gap, we believe in preparing today to succeed tomorrow. We offer a variety of test prep services and include courses for the: Georgia Milestones, ACT, SAT, PSAT, and Advanced Placement Tests. Our courses include a baseline assessment, an interview of current skills, and a plan for improving scores complete with study-skill tips and test-anxiety tips. We are here to help you achieve!