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Elementary School Tutoring

Get your child started on the path to success. We love what we do and we’re ready to help. Call our center today and find out how to register for classes.

Class Size: 4 students per Class
Duration: 1.5 hours twice per week per subject


We keep our class sizes small to ensure that every student gets the attention they deserve.

When you register online, we will save your spot for a class, but your registration is not complete until parents have visited the center to sign the enrollment forms on-site. We will contact you shortly after you have registered to schedule a day and time to meet.


Elementary school is the perfect time to address learning gaps before they get out of hand and an even better time to get ahead of expectations. Our ELA program for young students focuses on the development of Language Skills: Parts of Speech, Sentence Structure, and Clause Introductions.

What We Cover


In elementary school, students begin to develop the reading and writing skills they'll use for the rest of their academic career. Did you know that the majority of elementary students still have gaps in Phonics? These gaps slow down your student's reading fluency and comprehension abilities. They also impede a child in spelling. When writing and reading are hard, students no longer wish to do them, and a lack of practice puts your student even further behind. Our Reading Program focuses on utilizing appropriate Phonics Skills in developing readers and improving Reading Comprehension Skills in current readers. Our Writing program ensures students have a firm foundation for structural writing and covers Narrative Writing, Informational Writing, and Expository Writing. We start from the ground up to make sure students have a solid understanding of written structure. Once this structure is in place, we're able to move beyond the gaps and extend learning.

What We Cover


The experienced math teachers at Bridging Gap are ready to go the distance with each child, covering more than just what to do, but why it's done. This step is crucial at such an early age. The Elementary Student is working to develop appropriate Number Sense. Number Sense deals with a child's ability to estimate and understand Place Value. Without this, students will not only struggle to perform in higher math, but they will also manage money poorly later on. We aim to correct these problems now with concept-based, remedial instruction.

What We Cover