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Middle School Tutoring

Bridging Gap is dedicated to helping your middle-schooler succeed! Register for classes and get a lead on math, language arts, and more.

Class Size: 4 students per Class
Duration: 2 hours twice per week per subject


We keep our class sizes small to ensure that every student gets the attention they deserve.

When you register online, we will save your spot for a class, but your registration is not complete until parents have visited the center to sign the enrollment forms on-site. We will contact you shortly after you have registered to schedule a day and time to meet.


The Middle School ELA student begins to cover a vast array of skills related to the English Language. These include more complex clause usage (which also requires a more in-depth knowledge of the Parts of Speech), Sentence Diagramming, and more involved Sentence Structure. Spelling is more heavily weighed and Grammar and Mechanics are expected to be more intact. Our teachers know exactly how to bolster these areas so that writing and reading become easier and faster for your student.

What We Cover


Reading in Middle School continues to cover the same basic concepts that are covered in Elementary school, but the Middle School Student covers them in more detail. Reading passages will become longer, harder, and slower to read. Comprehension Questions will often evolve to elicit more text-based applications and will often require text-based evidence to be cited by your student.

The same is true for writing. Written passages are expected to be longer, structurally-sound, and enriched with details and enough Figurative Language to make writing both interesting and accurate.

This is a lot for students, but it is especially difficult if they are already behind. That's where our teachers come in. Our teachers are well-versed in the Writing Process and the National Reading Panel's Five Reading Dimensions and can help your student's writing and reading get back on track. Already on track? We can help extend their skills as well.

What We Cover


Math ramps up in Middle School. Where as Elementary School forms a foundation for the Eight Standards of Mathematical Practice, Middle Schoolers are expected to put these practices into action in higher content such as: quotients of decimals, ratios, computation of multi-digit numbers, variables, expressions and functions, and courses in Geometry. For the student who has gotten behind, this task can seem impossible. Thankfully, our teachers know how to go back to the start and figure out where your child is struggling. We remedy the base through Conceptual Instruction, and the rest will flow easily.

What We Cover