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Virtual Classroom

Stay On Track

Bridging Gap’s virtual classroom offers tutoring, test prep, and academic counseling to ensure students avoid getting behind. With all of the new and uncertain changes to traditional schooling and standardized tests, Bridging Gap provides the sturdy academic support students need to continue on track to their next grade level or college admission.

Think of our virtual classroom as all of the excellence Bridging Gap stands for — but online! We want to help our students avoid learning loss and continue to grow. Getting behind isn’t an option.

August will be here soon, and your student will be going to the next grade level on just HALF the foundation of the previous grade level. It’s going to be a hard year next year for every student, but we can help ease this burden by pairing your student, one-on-one, with an actual, certified teacher that’s not only skilled in teaching but also in filling existing gaps. It is, after all, our specialty.

Great quality, great teachers, and great students come together—online!

The Complete BG Experience

It’s easy enough to get behind in traditional schools without adding a four-month gap for every student into the mix. With the changes we’ve seen due to COVID-19, students have missed a great deal of traditional academic instruction. To combat this, we’ve taken the complete Bridging Gap experience online. The virtual classroom gives students:

  • Our same certified, excellent instructors
  • Curated curricula for each and every student — this means your student gets their own plan, their own practice materials, and their own one-on-one time with our certified teachers
  • Diagnostics that help tell whether or not your student is currently on grade level, below grade level, or above grade level and if they’re in need of further remediation or extension before the next school year hits
  • All materials provided
  • Academic counseling at no additional charge

Beyond Summer

We’re thankful to be able to find the good in the bad. While we’ve greatly missed seeing our students face-to-face, we know that, for some students, online classes have actually worked out better. So, when this is all said and done, Bridging Gap plans to keep its Virtual Classroom open as an option for all students!

We are still enrolling to our face-to-face classes. That’s not going away! However, we still want to be able to serve all of our families who have come on board with us. Bridging Gap will continue to provide excellent support through our Virtual Classroom, and we’re excited to be able to support our families in many ways.

Role Call

Think our virtual classroom is the option for you? Reach out today to get started. We have a limited number of slots to fill, so claim your spot today!

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