About Us

Bridging Gap USA (BGAP) is dedicated to helping every child reach their true potential.

Bridging Gap USA (BGAP) In-Person Tutoring

At Bridging Gap USA (BGAP), our focus is on encouraging a love of learning and building scholastic confidence - all of which contribute to success in school.

For almost a decade, we have served Stockbridge, GA and surrounding areas and helped hundreds of students and families like yours reach new heights of academic excellence through our in-person tutoring services. In order to achieve our goals, we rely on a staff of certified educators who are highly qualified.

Our goal is to find dedicated individuals who are genuinely invested in helping your child achieve his or her potential. We offer tutoring in all core academic subjects to elementary, middle, and high school students as part of our in-person programs.

We also offer test prep for SAT, PSAT, ACT, AP exams and more. Through our personalized tutoring programs, we ensure that your child moves forward whether they are taking a test prep tutoring course or working through their school curriculum program. 

Middle-school age boy working with the Bridging Gap USA (BGAP) online tutoring portal

Bridging Gap USA (BGAP) Online Tutoring

Bridging Gap USA (BGAP) Online, with its exceptional portal, brings in excellent tutoring experience 1:1. We strive to provide quality tutoring at an affordable rate to all students, regardless of their location.

Online access opens up a world of possibilities for helping them succeed. It is the mission of Bridging Gap USA (BGAP) to recruit and vet only the best educators in their field of expertise. You will be paired with a teacher who is highly qualified and certified by the state.

You can be sure that the tutor you choose for your child will provide them with quality instruction that will translate into results in the classroom, regardless of what subject they need help with.

Personalized learning is also very important to us. Our tutoring plans are tailored to each student's needs, and we pace them to maximize their chances of success.

Our tutoring services cover the core academic subjects for students from 3rd to 12th grade.

Our Mission

We at Bridging Gap USA (BGAP) are committed to teaching every child that walks through our door how to reach their true potential.  That’s why we only hire highly qualified, state-certified teachers.  Our staff consists of a diverse group of award-winning educators who have demonstrated a passion for teaching and learning.  They have the expertise to evaluate your child where they are and develop a plan to get them where they need to be.

Above all, our students are our top priority.  We strive to help children gain confidence in their academics which ultimately leads to decreased levels of stress and increased self-esteem as they begin to understand the material and earn higher grades.  We all firmly believe that investing in your child’s education today will open up many opportunities for them in the future.

Our Vision

Bridging Gap USA (BGAP)  invests in the future by providing the leaders of tomorrow with the tools they need to succeed academically. We offer balanced support in the areas of Mathematics, Science, and English Language Arts, and we empower children to pursue their passion, take on new challenges with confidence, and shape a future for themselves and the communities they belong to.

Founder & CEO

As a life-long learner, and mother of two children, herself, Founder and CEO, Alka Gupta was inspired to start Bridging Gap USA  (BGAP), to create a learning center that stands apart from the competition by hiring only quality professional teachers who not only know their content, but that also have proven they know several strategies to help all different types of students. She prides herself on the unique atmosphere at Bridging Gap USA (BGAP), where students can relax and enjoy the learning process while gaining the skills and confidence, they need to grow up to be whatever they want to be.

Lets Get to Know Each Other

Our goal is to get to know you and your child beyond all the numbers and statistics by sitting down and talking with you. 

A comprehensive initial assessment will be undertaken, followed by the development of a learning plan, with milestones to make sure your child meets his or her academic needs and is paired with the right tutor. Tutors are carefully screened to ensure they are the right fit for your child and work with your schedule.

Meet the Teachers

“When I am present and actively engaged in the online classroom, my students are too.
Meaningful engagement for every kid matters!”

Ms. TK, MAT, & MBA Middle School Math Teacher

“I enjoy teaching as it provides me the opportunity to develop innovative strategies in order to reach my students helping them to be successful.”

Ms. T., ED.S. High School English Teacher

“Some people see teaching as a profesion, a job to be done, for me, it is a way of life”

Ms. C., Elementary Teacher, STEM, ESOL

“Teaching is all about building a relationship. I see each of my students as a unique individual with potential to learn anything.”

Ms. B., Elementary Teacher, STEM, ESOL

Message from the CEO

Hello Bridging Gap USA (BGAP) Families!

We welcome back all our students for learning.

Bridging Gap USA (BGAP) values the safety of our students, teachers, staff and our parents, and that’s paramount — no exception.

As we strive to reopen our center for learning, we are making every effort to bring back our in-person classes as safely as possible — along with the option of virtual learning. We have always maintained a high level of cleanliness and sanitation, but now we’re going above and beyond to implement stricter standards.

New center policies include:

  • Maintaining more than 6-7ft distance between students and teachers
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting after every class
  • All teachers, students, and staff will be required to wear masks at all times in the center
  • Any child who shows signs of illness (or lives with others who show signs of illness) should refrain from coming to the center.
  • Hand washing before and after the class
  • Checking temperature of staff upon entering

This policy change will help us continue to meet the needs of our students while also keeping them safe. Bridging Gap USA (BGAP) is here to serve, and we’re so excited to be able to see our students continue their learning despite the difficulties being thrown at them during this trying time.

Together, we “Prepare Today…Succeed Tomorrow!”

Alka Gupta
CEO and Founder, Bridging Gap USA(BGAP)