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About Bridging Gap

Bridging Gap is dedicated to helping every child reach their true potential.

We’re an all-around tutoring center that focuses on providing quality education at affordable rates. We focus on standardized test preparation as well as closing learning gaps for students in Elementary, Middle, and High School.

Our success is due to our quality staff of certified educators. We look for more than great credentials; we look for dedicated individuals who are genuinely invested in bringing out the best in your child.

How We Work

Our methodology is pretty simple: we create a customized plan for success based on an assessment of your child’s current abilities. From the assessment, we customize a plan specific to your child's needs and match them with certified educators. We start by filling gaps and then extend to boost your student above and beyond. We're relentless in our pursuit for the very best because we care about every student, and we strive to build meaningful relationships with every family we help. You're not just a number here.

Our Mission

Bridging Gap is determined to help every child reach their true potential. As part of our dedication to students, parents, and educators, our tutoring process targets learning gaps while nurturing a passion for learning. Here, we believe preparing today will help students succeed tomorrow, and we start by removing every obstacle in their way.

Our Vision

Bridging Gap invests in future communities and economies by investing in their future contributors: children. By offering balanced support in the areas of Mathematics and English Language Arts, we empower children to pursue their passion, take on new challenges with confidence, and shape a future for themselves and the communities they belong to.

We Want to Meet You!

Visit our centers, shake hands with the staff, and get an assessment of your child’s current academic standing. Sit and talk with us so that we can learn more about who your child is beyond the numbers and statistics used to represent him or her.

Once the assessment is complete, we will put together a plan, complete with milestones, and get your child started with a specialized tutor. When initial objectives have been met, we can put a new plan in place to get your child ahead of grade-level expectations.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a lasting, academic support system for our students.