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A male math tutor stands in front of a whiteboard, pointing to complex mathematical equations and a 3D cube diagram. He holds a piece of paper in his other hand. Several students are seated, facing him, with their backs visible. The classroom setting is modern and well-lit, fostering an engaging environment for math concepts. Bridging Gap Tutoring Center

K-12 Math Tutoring

See results in as little as 8 weeks.

Bridging Gap USA offers exceptional math tutoring services for grades K-12 with both in-person and online options. With a team of certified teachers who have a proven track record of success, the program guarantees an improvement in grades when the established protocol is followed. 

Each student receives a thorough academic assessment, included at sign-up, to tailor the tutoring experience to their unique needs. Voted Best in Georgia for three consecutive years, Bridging Gap USA stands out for its commitment to being supportive, knowledgeable, and reliable, making it the go-to choice for academic excellence in mathematics.

Math Tutoring: Topics by Grade

A young boy with short dark hair, wearing glasses, a blue shirt, and a backpack, writes on a chalkboard filled with mathematical equations and geometric shapes. He is standing in a classroom, concentrating on his work with a piece of chalk in hand. Bridging Gap Tutoring Center for math tutors and math tutoring services.

Elementary (K-5)
Learning Topics

  • Number, Operations, and Algebraic System
  • Adding and subtraction
  • Multiplication and division
  • Decimals and Fractions
  • Geometry

Middle School Math (6-8)
Learning Topics

  • Number system
  • Ratios and proportions
  • Expressions and equations
  • Geometry and functions

High School Math (9-12)
Learning Topics

  • Algebra 1, 2
  • Analytical Geometry
  • Precalculus, Calculus
  • Trigonometry
A middle-aged man presents information on a tablet to three young adults sitting at a table, engaged and taking notes. A laptop with charts is on the table, and a document with graphs is in the foreground. The group appears to be in a well-lit office setting. Bridging Gap Tutoring Center

How We Can Help

At Bridging Gap USA, we recognize that math can be challenging, but you don’t have to tackle it alone.

Our dedicated team of knowledgeable and supportive math tutors is here to help your child excel in math from kindergarten through 12th grade. Whether it’s mastering basic arithmetic or conquering advanced algebra, our reliable experts create customized lesson plans tailored to your child’s unique needs.

With us, you’ll see your child’s confidence and skills grow, ensuring they’re well-prepared for their academic journey. Trust Bridging Gap USA to make math a subject your child can enjoy and succeed in.

Why Us

When it comes to Math Tutoring (K-12), you’ll find that Bridging Gap USA stands out with its exceptional track record and commitment to your child’s success.

Bridging Gap USA has been voted the Best in Georgia for three consecutive years, and it’s easy to see why. With certified teachers who bring proven success to the table, your child will receive high-quality, personalized instruction that guarantees improvement in grades when our protocol is followed.

When you sign up today, you’ll get an academic assessment worth $175 included at no extra cost, giving you a thorough understanding of your child’s needs.

Whether you prefer in-person or online tutoring, Bridging Gap USA is here to provide supportive, knowledgeable, and reliable guidance that makes all the difference.

My 9-year-old was in kindergarten during pandemic, so she spent her part of K-1st grade at home […] She fell behind significantly in math, primarily because she never had a good start. We came to Bridging Gap last fall and her end of the year Map scores have skyrocketed!! Thx soooo much for your support and partnership!

Charlotte Fenn
A young boy with short hair is writing on a whiteboard with a black marker. Mathematical equations are visible on the whiteboard, including exponents and addition. The boy is focused on completing an equation involving squares and sums. He wears a gray sweater with a lighter patch on the shoulders. Bridging Gap Tutoring Center for math tutoring services with math tutor.

Better Help. Better Grades.


What subjects are covered under your math tutoring services?

We cover a wide range of math topics, from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus. Our certified teachers are well-versed in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, and statistics to make sure your child gets the support they need at any level.

How do you assess a student’s current math skills?

When you sign up, we include a thorough academic assessment valued at $175. This assessment helps us identify your child’s strengths and areas for improvement, so we can tailor the tutoring sessions to meet their specific needs.

Do you offer both in-person and online tutoring options?

Yes, we provide both in-person and online tutoring options to accommodate your preferences and schedule. Whether you’re in or prefer the convenience of online sessions, we have your needs covered.

What qualifications do your math tutors have?

All our tutors are certified teachers with proven success in helping students improve their math skills. They’re not only knowledgeable but also supportive and reliable, ensuring a positive learning experience for your child.

Is there a guarantee that my child’s grades will improve?

 Absolutely! We guarantee improvement in your child’s grades as long as our recommended protocol is followed. Our track record speaks for itself, having been voted Best in Georgia three years in a row.